Friday, June 15, 2007

"The Happy Hiker" and other fun reads from LLSDC

From lawlib: Dawn Bohls Library Manager Ropes & Gray LLP

Heading to the beach and looking for some light summer reading? Check out the latest issue of Law Library Lights and find out what your colleagues do when they're not researching legislative history, trying to figure out the latest Thomson West bill, or hunting down that elusive 20-year old 2nd edition of XYZ treatise. Click here to enter "The Secret Lives of Law Librarians":
Here are some of the feature articles:

  • "The Happy Hiker" Laura W. Dickson
  • "On (not) Writing" Glen Jordan Spangler
  • "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Library School (Novelist Edition)" Mindy Maddrey (aka Mindy Klasky)
  • "Letterboxing: Modern Day Treasure Hunting" Shelley and Steven Shearer
  • "Plants are my Passion" Judy Gaskell

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