Wednesday, July 18, 2007

AALL: Law Library Survey

On Tuesday morning I attended a meeting hosted by ALM concerning their annual Law Library Survey. This is the sixth year for the survey and the questions are tweaked every year from information gathered at the session.

The survey consists of the Top 200 law firms in the US ranked by gross revenue. 200 surveys were sent out and ALM received 95 replies. Out of those 95 replies, not all questions were answered.

The survey will be available in the July/August issue of Law Firm Inc. and the September issue of American Lawyer.

Topics that will be considered for improvement for next year's survey:
  1. Outsourcing
  2. CI and Marketing hours
  3. Why the billable hours have dropped
  4. Comparing job titles with responsibilies

This is a good lead-in to our September meeting. Chuck Lowry, Director of Client Relations,
ALM Research, will be coming to speak to DALL at our September meeting concerning this survey and CI issues. Look for more information in the next few weeks!

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