Thursday, November 13, 2008

Legislative Archive System

Email sent from Melanie Harshman regarding the new Legislative Archive System.

The Legislative Reference Library is pleased to announce the Legislative Archive System containing scanned bill files from the 57th Legislature (1961) - 77th Legislature (2001) is now available the public.

From the LRL homepage,, click on "Legislative Archive System" on the left. It works best with Internet Explorer.

You can also perform Advanced Searches, which allows searching bill captions across all sessions, and searching authors, subjects and actions across certain sessions. A detailed list of what options are available for each session is here:

We also have a new "Bill Search" option on our website. This allows you to search by bill or chapter number, then link directly to the Legislative Archive System bill file, as well as other documents such as interim reports that may have followed implementation of the legislation.

We would be most appreciate of any problems, feedback or suggestions you may have using the system.

Best regards,

Melanie Harshman
Administrative Librarian
Legislative Reference Library

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