Monday, November 21, 2011

The Value of Information Professionals- DALL Perspective

After reading Laura Cullerton's article on valuing information professionals, I recognized similar qualities and actions we have, even though she's a librarian at a nursing school. Like Laura, we are definitely future ready by saving our users time in a high technology world.

As an information expert, she can locate information in the library databases quicker than faculty and administration. Knowledge managers, legal information specialists, researchers are more familiar with the different array of databases and sources than attorneys, marketing and business development departments. Therefore, they rely on us to retrieve accurate information
and we are able to save money without risky high cost research from a user who is not familiar with the flat rate plans.

When we are unable to locate information quickly, we have the DALL listserv and can quickly email our colleagues for assistance. In addition, we have access to local law schools who can offer inter-library loans or public libraries that have a legal collection of sources without relying on a client-matter number.

By being associated with local and national library organizations and associations, we are aware of trends and issues in our profession. By staying active in an organization, being proactive members is a way of saving time.

Not necessarily I call it retention, however, with a positive experience, legal, marketing and business development users will use the library more often. Thus, becoming less stressful and not full of anxiety on their part.

Note: The Value of Information Professionals by Laura Cullerton, Information Specialist and is a member of the Medical Library Association, Colorado Council Medical Librarians, Special Library Assocation and etc.

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