Saturday, February 04, 2012


NowRelevant is a search engine that can monitor millions of sources and fees to give users the most up to date pertinent information on a subject. It allows users to access a wealth of resources dated back to the past 14 days from the time of their search. Advantages of NowRelevant are:

  1. Video Embedding as a PPC Ad - Use a video that is currently online as your PPC ad and have it show up next to search results as the user viewing listings pertaining to your video.
  2. Banner Ad as a PPC Ad - Use a 250x250 banner as your PPC ad, as opposed to just text
  3. Affiliate Network Friendly - Use hoplinks or affiliate links for your direct linking
  4. 20% Affiliate Referral Program - Earn 20% of all deposits from people you refer to the PPC program, forever. 2nd Tier earnings at 5% as well.
  5. No Traffic Outsourcing - We do not outsource any ad space or take any other advertisers ads for There is minimal chance of phantom clicks or fraud clicks due to this rule. Say goodbye to ad campaigns that received "700 clicks" and no sales or email opt ins. We only show ads that are put directly on our network and we NEVER outsource your impressions to meet a goal.

Here is a video to that demonstrates the comparison between Google and NowRelevant.

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