Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Did you know that CRIV (AALL's Committee on Relations with Information Vendors) now has a blog? Check it out at http://crivblog.com/. Why a blog? According to their May 10, 2012 post:
Why a CRIV Blog and why now?
1.   Much of the discussion about the relationship between information vendors and law librarians happens online.  CRIV wants to be part of that conversation.
2.  The CRIV Sheet is published only 3 times a year and so can only be distantly reactive at best.  The CRIV  Blog can respond quickly as events unfold and can get information out much more quickly.
3. Print (e.g. The CRIV Sheet) is a one way medium. The CRIV Blog is two way (please comment on our posts).
4. The CRIV Blog has been in the works for a long time.  CRIV leaders past and present have advocated the establishment of a CRIV blog.  We finally made it happen.
5. Issues relating to the relationships between librarians and information vendors are more important now than ever.   Let’s talk about it!

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