Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Final Day at AALL Conference

This is your DALL Reporter, Deinna Mims-Johnson, on the ground at AALL Annual Conference. On Day 3 I began my day planning to meet a newly made friend from Toronto, CA at the convention center to take a taxi together to the JFK Presidential Library. Once there our "brief video presentation" was interrupted by an announcement to evacuate the building because there was a threat. Without more being said we piled out of the museum and awaited for all to clear from the Museum Security Administrator.

The threat turned out to be minor and we returned to the library and completed our tour. I thought about the the recent killings in at the movie theater in Colorado. Walking through the museum brought back memories of some troubling times in American History: thoughts of when America was struggling with very complex issues. I am sure many of you recalled that faithful day  in Dallas, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

The library is architecturally designed to reflect the beauty and calm of the Charles River and the Boston skyline. The night before Lexis Nexis had it's reception, I was unable to attend due to two other events. I can only imagine how beautiful it was at night because it was equally a commanding view during the day.

I hurried back to the Hynes Convention Center to catch another tour bus to the famed "Harvard Law School Library". The tour took about 45 minutes and we were shown the main reference area, the Special Collection, the main reading room.The movie, "Paper Chase," came to mind when viewing the beautiful chandeliers in the main reading room.

In closing, I departed Boston on a 7:30 am flight heading backto Dallas, This was your DALL reporter on the ground at AALL 105th Annual Meeting and Conference in Boston, MA.

See you next year.
Signing Off.

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