Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two posts on library services

From Jean O'Grady at Dewey B Strategic:
Law Libraries Transformed: Crowded Collaboration and Social Solitude (The Apple Store vs The Commons)
July 18, 2012
In a recent Bloomberg interview, I speculated that in the future, law libraries may look like Apple Stores. My point was that while we may replace law books with desktop virtual libraries, the need for spaces for research consultation, collaboration and "just in time learning" will continue. As I mentioned in an earlier post on strategic interventions using an iPad, lawyers are facing "customization overload" and we should be prepared to "just say yes" and offer concierge services which resolve problems and offer solutions enabling lawyers to focus on core client support activities. (cont)
And from Jane Dysart at Dysart & Jones:
What successful retailers are doing: even e-shops are opening physical showrooms, including Ebay and Amazon.  People want an escape, an experience and something memorable. ... How can we make our customers and clients feel special?  Reward loyalty?  Build on existing relationships?(cont)

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