Monday, August 05, 2013

Post-Google Reader Experience: An Update

I'm still experimenting with the post-Google Reader world. I find myself using two iPad apps fairly regularly to replace the Googe Reader experience: Flipboard and Feedly. Both have allowed me to import my old list of blog feeds that I read in Google Reader, and both allow a "magazine" type of experience to view articles, feeds, and so on.

The biggest difference so far is that Feedly has options to view "magazine" layout and the more Google like line layout.

 This picture (below) shows the "list" style, very similar to what Google Reader used as the default. You can see a number of article listings simultaneously. Tapping on a title will bring up the article or a short blurb that links to the full article.
This picture (below) shows the "magazine" layout, similar to Flipboard. It shows graphics from the original source, full title, and usually the first few lines or even first paragraph of the article. Tapping on the title will bring up the full article or a short blurb that links to the article.
Feedly now offers options to mark all or part as read, to save links, and to add additional feeds. It is a fairly good alternative to the old Google Reader, but I'm still having to remember to pick up my iPad to read it.
More on this as I learn to use the app more efficently.

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