Thursday, April 28, 2016

DALL Formally Endorses UELMA's Enactment in Texas

DALL's executive board formally adopted a resolution to support UELMA's adoption in Texas on March 8, 2016.

What is UELMA?
The Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act ("UELMA") seeks to ensure that online official state legal material -- namely constitutions, session laws, codified laws, and regulations are unaltered, preserved, and permanently available to the public. UELMA offers an outcomes-based approach leaving it to the individual state enacting UELMA to decide how best to ensure the requirements of the statute are met.

This concept may already be familiar to some as the federal government has taken steps to ensure that federal government documents are authenticated. When accessing documents provided by the GPO, such as those available on FDsys, the words "Authenticated U.S. Government Information" appear on the first page and the certification provided by the Superintendent of Documents can be examined.

UELMA was drafted by the Uniform Law Commission and has wide support from the law community, including support by the American Association of Law Libraries, the American Bar Association, and many other regional and local law library associations. Specifically in Texas, the Houston Area Law Librarians and the Texas Library Association have also adopted resolutions in support of UELMA.

For more information concerning UELMA visit AALL's website:

You may also wish to visit the Uniform Law Commission's website concerning UELMA. It also features a helpful enactment status map so you can identify where other states are in their process of having UELMA enacted:

To assist UELMA's passage contact your Texas State Senator and State Representative and urge their support of UELMA in the next legislative session visit (or if you live in another state get in touch with your senator and representative):

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