Monday, October 10, 2016

Facebook for Work

Are we about to see a tidal wave of people start using Workplace, the new "Facebook" for work? That seems to be the question as Facebook releases its new product Workplace today. Previously Workplace has been in beta, but even in this mode it's had over 1,000 businesses and organizations sign up. As of today though, anyone can begin using it. While Workplace will face competitors already out there, it's association with the ever popular social media network Facebook seems like it will provide a clear competitive edge to signing up users.

Workplace, unlike Facebook, will also have a cost associated with it. Using analytics, Workplace will be charged based upon the number of active users on a monthly basis. 

So the question is -- who will be the early adopters in law firms? Will Workplace be able to get around Facebook's association with distractions and lower productivity in the work place? 

Here are some additional places to read about Workplace: 

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