Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UT: Information Institute

The Ischool at UT has launched their Information Institute designed to provide professional development for information professionals and entrepreneurs on 21st century research tactics. The instructors are Claudia Chidester, Gary Hoover, Joel Lang and Laura Young. Please see information and bios at: https://infoinstitute.utexas.edu/courses/boiling-the-ocean-21st-century-business-research-tactics-and-sources

The School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin announces the launch of The Information Institute, a professional development resource offering courses in a wide range of information topics.
Our vision for the Institute is simple:
We believe that information professionals around the world should have a single place to turn first for new ideas, information, discourse, and professional development. Our Institute helps professionals gain knowledge, skills, and abilities in the constantly changing field of information.
In our Information Institute, the School’s acclaimed faculty will work with industry experts to design and teach short courses that balance theory and practice. This blend of faculty and industry experts will help participants gain skills that they can apply immediately in their careers based on the latest knowledge in the field. The courses further will offer participants an opportunity to network by learning in the company of other information professionals whose experiences and input are likely to yield insights and new perspectives.
Six courses are currently accepting enrollment:
· Business Research Tactics and Sources, Jan 7-9 2013
· Assessing the Impact of Projects and Programs, Jan 9-11 2013
· IT Security Metrics, Feb 9 2013
· Crowdsourcing and Crowd Computing, Feb 16 2013
· Big Data, Data Science, and Strategic Thinking for the New Web, March 13-15 and May 15-17, 2013
· Doing Business with Open Source, April 19-21 2013
Upcoming courses will cover such topics as project team management, leadership, and usability.

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