Friday, November 15, 2013

UNT Library

Personal note, not reflective of official DALL policies or board action. My father taught at UNT for many years, and my entire family has degrees from UNT.

There is a petition on to save the UNT Library from dramatic budget cuts. If you are interested, the petition may be found at

More information may be found at From the post:

It seems that under some arcane rule, the library staff are paid not with the state of Texas funds but by the funds raised through the library usage fees charged to the students by UNT. It has suddenly been told to the library administrators that effective immediately, the salaries and benefits of the library staff must now be covered from the library usage fees. The university is reluctant to raise the usage fees so there is no chance of increasing the funds available.

As a result, as per the current estimates, the library will have to cut about 1.7 million dollars/ annum from its allocation for materials and subscriptions to fill this budget shortfall. This could have devastating effects on the functioning and quality of our research libraries.

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